We Accept:

Tables, Chairs, Hutches, Bookcases, Antiques, Leather Sofas, Bedroom Sets, Wicker, Patio Sets, Lamps, Rugs, etc.

We Don't Accept:

Antiques, Collectibles, Dishes, Accessories, Decor that is not intended for a childs room. WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING PLUSH/STUFFED ANIMALS OR VHS TAPES. We do not accept household electronics and household exercise equipment. WE ALSO WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTING FORMAL DRESSES/FORMALS IN THE JUNIOR GIRL SIZES. As stated by Arkansas law, we CANNOT/WILL NOT accept any breast pump that has been issued by the Arkansas Health Department as free to recipient, as they are not allowed to be sold. WE NO LONGER ACCEPT ANY KIND OF BREAST PUMP OR BREAST PUMP TUBING.