802 Davis Drive/ White County Fairgrounds:

​​Welcome to Rhea Lana's Children's Consignment Event in Searcy! 
We are a premier children's consignment event that serves hundreds of families all over White County and Central Arkansas, and we would love to serve YOU and your family!!

There is a lot of money growing in your closets, and consigning is a great way to recycle your like new children's clothing, toys, baby equipment, furniture and more.  Many of our consignors sell their items each season and use that money to clothe their kiddos for the upcoming season for little or no money out-of-pocket! 


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ANOTHER FABULOUS SPRING AND SUMMER EVENT IN SEARCY!!  We are so grateful to our consignors, shoppers and volunteers...... YOU made our event amazing!!  MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW FOR OUR NEXT BACK-TO-SCHOOL SHOPPING EXTRAVAGANZA IN SEARCY.  Our next event will be August 4-9 with our Private Pre-Sale Event on Saturday, August 2.  WE HOPE YOU WILL MAKE PLANS TO JOIN US!! 

We are appreciative of our corporate sponsors and advertising partners who include First Community Bank,    Zoe Photographic Group,, Searcy Living, Land O'Frostand Crowned by the King.  We are honored to partner with these family friendly businesses.


CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST and get updates and information about participating as a consignor, volunteer or shopper at our next SHOPPING EXTRAVAGANZA!   You can also like us on FACEBOOK and get a Guest Pass to shop our private Pre-Sale shopping event!

One of the most rewarding moments for us comes after our event when we get to donate thousands of high quality items to SEARCY LIVING'S FOSTER CARE BOUTIQUE!! Following our last event, over 100 children were provided with high quality items. Because of our WONDERFUL CONSIGNORS, these deserving children received much needed items. As a consignor, you can opt to donate your unsold items to these kiddos in White County, and we will take care of the rest for you!

Three reasons to be a consignor at Rhea Lana's:

1. You have control over the pricing of your items and you make 70% of the total sale price.  You pay one $9.00 consignor fee, and you can bring up to 300 items!

2. You can consign all of your items in one place over a week's time and get a check at the end of the event! You prepare your LIKE NEW clothes and items and we'll invite the shoppers.

3. Many families can affordably buy an entire season's wardrobe at our events. They stretch their budget and shop our high quality clothing for much less than retail. We'll have a large selection of children's and maternity clothing, baby equipment, toys, books, movies, games, furniture and much more.


We feel very privileged to bring a Rhea Lana's Children's Consignment Event to Searcy, Arkansas!! Serving and connecting families is what we do best. Let us serve YOU and your family this event season! If you have questions about our event, contact me at I'll be happy to help you! 

Many Blessings!

Kristie Smith

Owner/ Event Logistics