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"Hey there.....I was just wanting to let you know that I thought that the Searcy sale was great!!! I am very pleased at the outcome and the amount of money I made. I was also pleased with all of the great bargains that I was able to get! As a first timer at a Rhea Lana's Event, I couldn't be more happy and I know that I do not speak for just myself. I have heard great things from other people as well! I am so looking forward to the fall event already! Thank you for bringing all of us lucky folks a Rhea Lana's sale a little closer to home!!! I cannot brag enough on how everyone was very friendly and helpful during the whole process. Congrats on a job very well done!!!! Looking forward to seeing you all again in the fall! "

Melissa- Tuckerman, Arkansas

" Just wanted to thank all of you wonderful ladies working this event. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful. Not one worker passed me without greeting me or offering assistance. All of the items were set up neatly so people could easily find the items they were in search of. Thank You all again for making my shopping experience at Rhea Lana's very much a positive one!"


"This was my first Rhea Lana's experience and I enjoyed it. I sold all but 1 item and I bought tons more. Thanks! "

Dena- Des Arc,Arkansas

"WOW, I had so much fun! I can't believe it is already over. I enjoyed being on the leadership team. I loved every minute of it! It was exciting to see all the shoppers rush in and scatter to the different racks to shop. Also I liked to see my clothes come through the checkout lines. The sale was awesome. The building was decorated beautifully. There were a lot of great items to choose from. I sold almost all my items and purchased a lot of great items for my son. The set up and lay out was perfect. "

Alicia- Beebe,Arkansas

"I want to thank you and everyone who worked the Sale. It was my first experience and you guys made it a great one!! Please be sure and count me in for the Fall Sale and again at the Spring Sale. Again, thanks so much! Everyone was so kind and wonderful! You guys are a bunch of hardworkers..I saw that for sure!!! :)"


I thought the sale was great. It was so evident that you guys worked really hard to make it look nice, and to have everything organized. Thank you for having a special time for mothers to be to shop also. My daughter is due in June. She got a gorgeous crib at your sale and some great clothes for her soon to be new baby boy! We will definitely be back to future sales!!!!!

Samantha's Mom

"Thank you so much for another wonderful consigning and shopping experience. We have been consigning with Rhea Lana's of Searcy since you guys started in February 2009 and each time it gets better! We are a family of 7 and wanted you to know how much we appreciate you guys being in Searcy. My teenage girls love not having hand-me-downs anymore (because we put them in the sale) and the shopping experience. "Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms." 1 Peter 4:10 My sister, how well you use your gift. What a blessing you are to the community! "

Carrie and family

"THANK YOU RHEA LANA'S OF SEARCY for the donation made to the Foster Care Family Boutique! Because of YOU and your generosity, over 100 deserving children and families in the White County Area received much needed items to start school. "

Searcy LIving/ Foster Care Boutique

"I want you to know how much I appreciate Rhea Lana's of Searcy! Because of you and this wonderful event, my children are able to wear those cute, name-brand items that our family could not otherwise afford. Each event, we are able to sell those items we no longer need, and many times we are able to make enough money to pay for all of the great stuff we buy at Rhea Lana's. Why pay retail for anything when you can come to this event and get great stuff for a fraction of the cost? "

Heather- Searcy, Arkansas

"I LOVE CONSIGNING AND CHECKING MY SALES LIVE ON MY MOBILE PHONE!! Watching my sales climb each day is almost addicting! Thank you, Rhea Lana's of Searcy for another awesome event."

Dee Dee- Conway, Arkansas